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West Ranch Town Council Service Area

The area the West Ranch Town Council represents is an area that is bordered by the I-5 / Golden State Freeway on the East, Calgrove Blvd / Old Road / Towsley Canyon Park on the South, the Santa Clara River on the North, and roughly the Ventura / Los Angeles County line to the West.  As part of the Initial Feasibility Analysis around our future status determination, a formal map was defined.  When this map is formally released, a copy will be posted on this page.

Sunset Pointe

The Sunset Pointe community is the neighborhoods that comprise of homes and businesses around Sagecrest Circle, The Old Road, and Pico Canyon Road.  Key landmarks include 'Hamburger Hill' and the restaurants, hotels, apartments, and homes located within these boundaries.  Sunset Pointe offers a spectacular view of the Santa Clarita Valley from it's location on the Southeastern part of the Valley.  Current information on Sunset Pointe can be found at the website for the Sunset Pointe Advisory Committee.

Southern Oaks

The Southern Oaks community comprises of the developments located around Southern Oaks Drive and Whispering Oaks Drive off of Pico Canyon Road.  Pico Canyon Park and 'Old Glory' are located adjacent to the Southern Oaks community.  The Southern Oaks Community Center was the 'home' of the West Ranch Town Council meetings for all of 2006 and most of 2007.

Stevenson Ranch                                          

The largest of the communities that make up the service area of the West Ranch Town Council.  Stevenson Ranch is a planned Lennar Community built in phases since the early 1990's.  Stevenson Ranch is home to the Stevenson Ranch Elementary School, Pico Canyon Elementary School, Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park, and Jake Kuredjian Memorial Park.  The main thoroughfares include The Old Road, Stevenson Ranch Parkway, and Pico Canyon Blvd. 

The Stevenson Ranch fountain is the distinctive landmark of the community.  The fountain has recently undergone a major renovation sponsored by the Stevenson Ranch Homeowner's Association.




Westridge is the newest of the communities.  It is home to the Tournament Players Club- Valencia and is adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  It also is home to West Ranch High School, Rancho Pico Junior High School, and Oak Hills Elementary School.  The major thoroughfares of Westridge include The Old Road and Valencia Blvd.