Community Needs

Pico Meadow



The West Ranch Town Council needs VOLUNTEERS




The First Wednesday of March, June, September, and December

at 6:30PM


Update: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the June 3rd meeting is cancelled.  The next meeting will be on September 2nd.



Stevenson Ranch Library

Community Meeting Room

25950 The Old Road

Valencia Marketplace

Stevenson Ranch, CA




Rural Town Councils - Guide and Handbook

County of Los Angeles Attachments Referencing The Brown Act


Town Councils are private, community organizations with no governmental decision-making power or authority over matters subject to control by local, county, and state governments. Town Councils are informal organizations with limited structure and possess no formal powers or service-providing abilities.  Town Councils have no authority over subject matters controlled by the county or state and are not subject to control by the county or state.  There are no provisions in local, county, or state law that authorize, establish, govern, form, or operate Town Councils.  Town councils cannot levy or collect taxes and cannot create or enforce laws.


Town Councils are advisory in nature and serve the community by mirroring and promoting community values, lifestyles, goals, and concerns of the community through Town Council meetings.  Town Councils provide alternative means of gathering community input and, in turn, presenting those viewpoints to appropriate agencies.


Town Councils are where issues and concerns of the community are 'brought to the table' and discussed openly in a public forum.  Town Councils act as a bridge between the local community and county and other local governments.  Town Councils are actively involved in advising the Supervisor on development projects, traffic solutions, and working with county personnel on creative ideas to challenging problems.  Town Councils can address issues of concern that are not within the county's purview, including schools.


Town Councils are autonomous and directly responsible to their communities through their Charters, Bylaws and Procedures.  It is the responsibility of established Town Councils to develop their own general standards, Rules of Order, and Bylaws and Procedures, which define and guide the Town Council.


Rural Town Councils - Guide and Handbook

County of Los Angeles Attachments Referencing The Brown Act